The Process

Each oval house plaque begins when earthenware SLIP (watered down clay) is poured into a hand made plaster mold. The clay dries out and the plaque is carefully removed and dried for several days. Once dry, the plaques are sanded and sponged smooth. At this point, the design and lettering are sketched on. April paints each plaque with UNDERGLAZES, a paint made from clay and pigments or oxides.

After they are painted, the plaques are BISQUE fired in the KILN and the clay turns from gray to white and becomes hard. The pieces are cooled slowly and then brushed with a clear GLAZE. Then into the kiln again to fire the glaze, which is a glossy, clear, glass-like layer. The finished plaques vary a little in size. The large are 12-13" x 9" and the small are 8.5-9" x 7" approximately. Each plaque is unique, a special, one of a kind piece!